ApeosPort VI C5571 Driver For Windows3 min read

Jul 18, 2023 2 min

ApeosPort VI C5571 Driver For Windows3 min read

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The ApeosPort series supports a variety of document workflows through cloud services and internal processes, providing optimum flexibility for different business scenarios.

It also improves security standards with a range of advanced features such as a digital signature and encrypted communication based on S/MIME to prevent e-mail/Internet fax document modification and sender falsification.

In addition, the device automatically keeps a simple image log of transmitted fax documents, enabling prompt investigation should confidential information leak.

Designed with intuitive operability that fits your work style, the multifunctional device has a simple UI panel and a heavy-built strong chassis to minimize vibrations during peak load.

Its soft blue light flashes during printing and stays lit when the job is ready for collection, helping to reduce information leakage caused by unretrieved printed documents.

Download ApeosPort VI C5571 Driver (Here)

Smart Work Gateway ApeosPort VI C5571 Driver:

The Smart Work Gateway feature lets you connect the ApeosPort series to existing document workflows over cloud services and internal processes, enabling an optimal level of scalability for your business.

It also enables you to prevent information leaks by providing security features such as a simple image log of transmitted fax documents.

The Digital Color Multifunction Devices of the ApeosPort-VI Series are innovative products that accelerate your business evolution by removing technological barriers for greater flexibility in work environments.

They come equipped with a robust set of top security certifications, predictive maintenance, and automated workflow capabilities that slip right into your work environment.

Security functions such as a digital signature attached to sent documents help to prevent unauthorized modifications and sender falsification, while the image log function enables job logs and usage time to be monitored.

Available functions and print output can be restricted*1 on a per-user basis, and the operation screen displayed after authentication is automatically tailored to suit the user’s needs, further contributing to reducing administration work and preventing information leaks.

Document Management:

The MFD can create a file name by combining a custom string set on the PC with the document type and date, making documents easier to find when stored on a PC or sent via email.

By installing a device certificate on an MFD, digital signatures can be added to scanned documents and encrypted communication based on S/MIME can be performed for outgoing emails/internet faxes.

Users can also be authenticated by swiping an IC card and available functions and color output can be restricted*1 on a per-user basis.

Network Printing:

Print your email, photos, and important documents directly from your smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi or mobile printing.

The ApeosPort VI series supports Mopria certification which means that you can easily print to these devices using the free Apple app on your iOS device without having to install a printer driver or set up any network settings.

For the best results, ensure that your MFD is on the same network as your computer. This will give you the best performance and security, including secure login with print policies and serverless on-demand printing.

Reduce print costs and waste with rules-based printing and track usage by user, cost center/department, device, and function for greater control.

In the Add Printer dialog window, select Line Printer Daemon – LPD from the printer driver list that is displayed, and then click Continue.

If the Use option shows Xerox and the model number is correct, you are ready to add your Fuji Xerox printer.

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