Canon TR8520 Driver3 min read

Sep 19, 2022 3 min

Canon TR8520 Driver3 min read

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Canon TR8520 Driver – How to Setup a Canon Printer:

To download the Canon TR8520 driver, you can visit the official website of the company. Just double-click the downloaded file and follow the instructions

. You can also upgrade the driver by following certain steps. Firstly, connect the printer to your computer with a USB cable or wireless connection. If you do not want to install the new driver, you can uninstall it through the Control Panel of your computer.

Download Canon TR8520 Driver (Here)

Canon TR8520 Setup printer driver:

In order to download a printer driver for your Canon TR8520, you need to know the IP address of the device. The IP address should consist of numbers and dots and should not contain any WWW or HTTP://.

If you cannot find the IP address, you can find the printer’s serial number on the device. This information is usually located on the bottom or top of the device.

Canon TR8520 Setup printer’s input paper tray:

The Canon TR8520 Setup printer comes with an input paper tray at the back of the device. You will need to place your paper in this tray in a vertical position before you can begin printing.

Next, you’ll need to select your preferred paper size and type before you begin the setup process. Once you have selected the correct paper type and size, you’ll need to set the printer’s paper dimensions.

To ensure that you get the right amount of paper, you’ll need to choose which input paper tray is the right size for the size of the paper you’re printing. The Canon TR8520 printer has two types of paper trays, one for photo paper, and one for standard paper.

The rear paper tray can hold up to 20 4×6 photo sheets, while the front tray is capable of handling card and envelope paper. The printer also features a memory card reader, enabling you to print photos directly from a memory card.

Canon TR8520 Setup printer’s paper width guides:

The Canon Pixma TR8520 Setup printer has an input and output paper tray. When using the input tray, make sure to place the paper in a vertical position.

For printing photos, use the My Image Garden icon from the Quick menu. It will display a list of folders and photos. Select the photo albums you wish to print.

The Canon Pixma TR8520 Setup printer is very simple to use. It can execute its printing and scanning functions effortlessly, delivering laser-quality documents and stunning photos. When using the printer, you must follow the instructions to ensure that the printer works properly.

Canon TR8520 Setup printer’s scanning capabilities:

The Canon TR8520 Setup printer has a great scanning feature that you can use to create high-quality copies of your documents. It can also receive and send faxes.

To receive faxes, connect the printer to a phone line using a wall phone cord. Open the printer’s Settings and Phone Line Configuration menus. Then, select the reception point for incoming faxes and input “date/time” and “Sender Information.”

You can also scan documents using the Canon TR8520 Setup printer’s automatic document feeder. To use this feature, insert the document face-up in the feeder. Make sure the guides are aligned with the document width.

The printer will then beep when it has inserted the document. If you encounter difficulties while inserting the document, consult the manual for more instructions. You can also advance scans using the My Image Garden software and the Canon IJ Scan Utility app.

Canon TR8520 Setup printer’s wireless capabilities:

The Canon TR8520 Setup printer is a wireless printer with Wi-Fi capability. While it has many features and advantages, you may find it easier to use a wireless printer that offers a wired connection. The printer has a mobile app that makes it easy to print from your smartphone or tablet.

It also prints beautiful, detailed photos. You can choose from a range of photo sizes. The printer has Wi-Fi connectivity and supports Apple AirPrint and Mopria Print Service. It also does not require any drivers to use these services. This printer is a good choice for families or small offices.

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