Dell OptiPlex 755 Audio Drivers For Windows4 min read

Jul 30, 2023 3 min

Dell OptiPlex 755 Audio Drivers For Windows4 min read

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Dell OptiPlex 755 Audio Drivers are required to get the best performance from your computer. Installing them properly will prevent any errors and bugs that can make your computer malfunction.

Featuring energy-efficient performance and stability, the OptiPlex 755 provides choice and flexibility for your business desktop.

IT staff can save time with default Energy Smart configurations and reduce costs with Intel vPro processor technology for remote management and security.

Download Dell OptiPlex 755 Audio Drivers (Here)

Audio Device Dell OptiPlex 755 Audio Drivers:

The Dell OptiPlex 755 is an entry-level desktop that offers performance, stability, and choice in a reliable, cost-effective platform.

It uses Intel® vPro processor technology to help extend IT management control, simplify provisioning and software patching, provide hardware monitoring, and enable remote troubleshooting and repair.

The OptiPlex 755 also includes default Energy Smart power management settings that enable it to use up to 54% less energy than systems without Dell’s power management technologies. And it’s ENERGY STAR® 4.0 certified.

If you want to save time and avoid errors when updating your driver manually, you can download a one-stop driver update utility, like Driver Talent.

It can detect all outdated, broken, and missing drivers for your Dell OptiPlex 755 and automatically download and install the best-matched driver versions for your Windows OS.

This will give your computer a new lease of life and prevent it from getting bogged down by slow, crashing, or inoperable drivers. It is free to try and highly recommended by millions of users worldwide.

Audio Controller Dell OptiPlex 755 Audio Drivers:

The OptiPlex 755 is a hybrid SUV of green business PCs. It has more utility than the tiny, small-form-factor PCs that can run on a single battery, but it also consumes a little more power when it’s on.

It’s a good choice for offices that want a more robust machine than the typical desktop, but still need to keep their energy bills in check.

The Dell OptiPlex I reviewed had 2GB of memory, a dual-core E4500 processor, integrated graphics, and two 160GB hard drives.

These components add up to a system that consumes about 50W when idle. That’s still slightly less than many mainstream desktops, but more than other green PCs that idle at 20W to 37W.

Dell included Intel’s vPro processor technology on this model, which lets IT staff manage computers remotely from their console.

This enables them to shut down desktops or perform remote troubleshooting, reducing desk-side support calls and costs.

Sound Card:

The OptiPlex 755 we tested uses a dual-core 2.66GHz Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 processor with 2GB of memory. It has integrated graphics and dual 160GB hard drives.

The extra hard drive lets the OptiPlex use Dell’s DataSafe technology, which backs up the user’s Documents folder automatically. This helps reduce the risk of lost data in the event of a hard-drive crash, a severe problem for many users.

In our SYSmark 2007 Preview benchmark tests, the Dell OptiPlex 755 scored a class-leading 108 points for office productivity performance. It also performed well in the Electronic Learning, Video Creation, and 3D Modeling categories.

The OptiPlex supports two of the R’s in environment-friendly computing, reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfills and pre-marking it for recycling (Dell also recycles used Dell computers).

It also offers an energy calculator, default Energy Smart power management settings, and tools that help IT staff choose configurations that minimize power consumption.

Sound Driver:

The sound driver is the software that allows computer systems to recognize and use the various characteristics of the sound card components. With the help of proper drivers, audio devices can be fully functional, resolve different compatibility issues and fix related errors spotted throughout the product’s usage.

Dell Command | Update is a system application that simplifies the BIOS, firmware, and driver and application update experience on Dell Client Hardware.

It is supported on OptiPlex, Tablet, Latitude, and Precision XPS Notebook models running the Windows Vista (32/64-bit), Windows 7 (32/64-bit), and Windows 8.1 (32/64-bit) Operating Systems.

To get the best performance from your OptiPlex 755 PC, you can download and install the latest driver updates. You can do it by clicking “Repair” or “Update”.

It’s recommended to back up the old driver versions before applying new ones. After installing the new driver, you can reboot your computer to make the changes take effect. You can also try using an automatic driver update tool like Driver Talent.

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