DocuCentre IV 2060 Driver For Windows3 min read

Jul 14, 2023 3 min

DocuCentre IV 2060 Driver For Windows3 min read

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DocuCentre IV 2060 Driver là tuyt vi chnh ph Windows, Mac, Linux. Chng trnh:

Outstanding color print quality helps you to stand out from the competition while cost-effective add-ons such as stapling and booklet making help increase your efficiency.

Reduce your environmental impact with advanced features such as Eco-Sleep mode that uses less power than when in use. Using bio-based materials including food-source corn and eco-friendly toner reduces carbon footprint and reliance on scarce oil resources.

Download DocuCentre IV 2060 Driver (Here)

Multi-Function Functions:

The DocuCentre IV 2060 is our new A3 mono multifunction device that delivers the office-critical functionality and value of our award-winning color devices, including copy, print, scan, and fax capabilities.

It is designed to meet the needs of cost-conscious customers looking for a robust, reliable solution with minimal up-front investment.

Our high-speed color scanning function digitizes paper documents into digital files at up to 55 ppmNote3 and helps you reuse and share information.

You can save this digital data on your PC or USB flash memory or send it as an email attachment. In addition, text information can be generated to create DocuWorks or PDF documentsNote4 without the need for additional optical character recognition software.

Unlike conventional printers, our intelligent multifunction device uses Smart Energy Management technology to supply power only to activated functions.

This reduces energy consumption and contributes to environmental savings. With ENERGY STAR compliance, our DocuCentre IV 2060 series offers a typical energy consumption feature of 1.56 kilowatt-hoursNote1.


A scanner is a device that converts hard-copy documents into digital format so they can be stored, printed, or edited on a computer.

This helps reduce the need for physical storage space and prevents damage or loss of documents. It also makes it easier to share files with others.

Whether it’s personal photos or office documents, scanners can transform them into digital versions that are easy to access and use.

The technology used in scanners consists of a CCD array that has tiny light-sensitive diodes that capture images and convert them into electronic signals.

Each photosite is sensitive to light and accumulates an electrical charge based on the intensity of the light it receives.

When shopping for a scanner, consider the resolution and color depth of the image it can capture. The higher the resolution and color depth, the more detail the scanner can produce. Look for a scanner with a resolution of 600 dpi or more.

Printers DocuCentre IV 2060 Driver:

A printer’s duty cycle is an indication of how many pages a device can reasonably be expected to print each month. The lower the number, the less wear and tear on the printer’s components.

ENERGY STAR® compliant, the DocuCentre IV 2060 uses less than 1.56 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per 1,000 copies for typical use. This helps reduce energy consumption, which also contributes to lowering operational costs.

The high-speed color scanning function at 55 ppmNote3 digitizes paper documents into digital files that can be stored on PCs or sent as email attachments, reducing print volume and contributing to energy savings.

Text information in scanned documents can also be converted into searchable PDF or DocuWorks documents, Note 5 making them easier to reuse and search for later.

Software DocuCentre IV 2060 Driver:

DocuCentre IV 2060 comes with a number of software applications to support your productivity. These include Xerox Document Submission (XDS), Adobe PostScript printer driver, and PPDs for the DocuColor 2045/2060 and Creo CSX2000 v2.1 print drivers.

The DocuCentre IV 2060 also has an energy-saving monochrome printing function to reduce your office’s carbon footprint.

It uses less than half the power of conventional laser-based multifunction devices, and is Mopria Alliance certified, allowing you to print websites, photos, and documents directly from Android mobile devices.

To install the driver, open the downloaded file and follow the instructions on your PC or laptop desktop. Select the “This PC” or “My Computer” icon, then click the “Properties” tab and click the “System type” option to display your system type.

Then, select the driver corresponding to your system type from the list of available options. The installer will then proceed with the installation. Once the installation is complete, you can start using your device.

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