Epson Perfection V700 Driver for Windows4 min read

Jun 20, 2023 3 min

Epson Perfection V700 Driver for Windows4 min read

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With 6400 dpi resolution and a remarkable tonal range, it delivers precise color and amazing detail in shadow areas.

It includes a film holder for medium format film strips with up to 6 pictures, as well as an adapter for 8×10 transparency scanning.

Bundled software includes Epson Creativity Suite, Adobe Photoshop Elements, and SilverFast SE with dust, scratch, grain, and noise removal functions.

Download Epson Perfection V700 Driver (Here)

Medium format film holder:

The scanner is able to digitize framed 35mm slides with up to 12 pictures comfortably. The insertion and removal of these film frames can, however, be somewhat cumbersome.

In particular, with bigger fingers, it is difficult to reach the inserted picture and there is always the risk of leaving a fingerprint on the transparent layer. In our opinion, it would be desirable if the V700 was provided with suitable cotton gloves.

In addition, the scanner can also be used to digitize medium format (24-frame) film strips and negatives. These are inserted in four strip-shaped film holders, into which either the individual frames or complete film strips can be placed. Unlike other film scanners, the V700 Photo doesn’t include a separate film area guidance for 9x12cm flat films – a format that was very common (in Europe at least) until a few years ago. However, it does feature a holder for 4×5″ large format flat films.

Film holder for 4×5″ large format flat films:

The V700 Photo and the slightly more expensive V750-M Pro are the only flatbed scanners that can achieve a resolution of 6400 dpi for film material.

That’s a very high resolution for a flatbed scanner, but not as good as you’d expect from a dedicated film scanner.

You can load the film holders with a variety of different sizes of films, slides, and transparencies. The holders are very easy to insert, and they snap into a notch at the bottom of the scan.

The holder also prevents film curl, which is a common problem with larger films. This is because most holders don’t have much room to grip the film, so they tend to stretch it taut, which can cause Newton rings in the scanned image.

This is why it’s a good idea to wet-mount large-format films. The holder also has a “tooth” on the side, which helps to prevent the curl from damaging the edges of the negatives and the transparency.

Transparency unit:

Depending on the type of film material used, there are a variety of different holders available. In addition to the film strip holder for 35mm films there are also two holders each for 6 slides or 12 medium format pictures and four flat film holders for 4×5″ large format films.

The optical density of this scanner is 4.0, which rivals many drum scanners and allows you to scan negatives and transparencies with the highest possible quality. It also offers a full range of adjustment possibilities for all types of images.

A large Start button and a Power switch are located on the front panel. A lock is positioned at the lower left side of the transparency unit, which you should always secure before moving the unit and the main scanner.

Before scanning, be sure to wipe the transparent light area and the document table glass with a clean cloth. Alternatively, you can place the film directly on the document table glass.

Locked transport securing:

The lock is designed to prevent any accidental opening of the scanner and its transport box. The system is also easy to install and is available for flatbed trucks, tautliners, and other transportation vehicles.

It provides a safe and reliable method to secure cargo from the ground, making it a legal requirement for flatbed truck operators.

Its easy-to-use interface allows you to set a password, control access, and monitor the progress of shipments.

The V700 offers a number of additional features, such as Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0 and SilverFast SE6 bundled with the software, and ABBYY FineReader Sprint 6 (Windows) / Sprint 5 (Mac).

The scanner is supplied in a large box but comes with foam packaging to make it easier to lift out. The main board is protected by a plastic cover, and the upper housing is secured by four C.B.P. M3 x 8 screws. Disconnect the Panel Board Connector CN1 from the Sub Board Unit to remove it.

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