Goodix Fingerprint Driver for Windows3 min read

Mar 4, 2023 3 min

Goodix Fingerprint Driver for Windows3 min read

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Goodix is one of the top providers of fingerprint scanners in the world. It is a Shenzhen-based company, and its products are used by major brands like Huawei, LG, Dell, and Xiaomi.

The company has recently unveiled a new optical in-display fingerprint reader that is being put into smartphones that feature rigid or flexible AMOLED screens. Its sensor is capable of registering fingerprints faster than conventional capacitive fingerprint solutions.

Download Goodix Fingerprint Driver (Here)

Hardware Compatibility:

When Goodix Fingerprint Driver is installed on a PC it should work as intended with the operating system. If this is not the case then there may be an issue with the hardware device or missing drivers on your system.

One way to check if there are any problems with the fingerprint sensor is by using the device manager. This can help diagnose tons of issues with your hardware components, including fingerprint sensors.

To do this, press Windows + X and then click Device Manager. This will show you a list of all devices on your computer.

Software Compatibility:

When it comes to software compatibility, Goodix fingerprint sensors have a hard time with Windows 11. The new OS from Microsoft has a lot of background changes and hardware requirements that were designed to make it safer.

This makes it difficult to use your device without installing the right drivers. This is particularly true for Windows Hello and fingerprint sensors.

Drivers for fingerprint sensors are usually released as part of the OEM support package. However, if they do not work for you then you may need to look for generic drivers that can be found through third-party websites or through the Microsoft Update catalog.

Once you have located the relevant drivers, you can install them on your system to see if they solve the issue.

If they do, then you can proceed to the next step in this article. If you encounter other issues, you can also try troubleshooting them to get your device up and running again.

Installation Process:

Goodix Fingerprint Driver is a driver package that includes the necessary files for installing fingerprint scanners on computers. Updating it can fix various problems, add new features, and expand existing ones.

For example, it can improve the speed of fingerprint recognition and make the device more reliable. Additionally, it can also improve the security of the device by preventing unauthorized access to sensitive information.

To install Goodix Fingerprint Driver on your computer, you need to follow these instructions:

1. If you are a Windows user, download the latest version of the driver for your system and install it.

2. You can also use a third-party tool, such as Driver Genius, to update the drivers for your system automatically and silently.

If your fingerprint sensor does not work on your computer, try to restore it to a previous point in time to repair any damaged files or settings that may have caused the issue. This should get the device working again.


If you’re experiencing driver issues with your Goodix fingerprint sensor on Windows, there are a few things that you can try. One option is to update the drivers to the latest version.

If the drivers are updated and your Goodix fingerprint sensor still does not work, you may need to reset your PC. This should repair any damaged files and settings that are preventing your fingerprint sensor from working properly.

Another option is to use System Restore. This can be done by pressing Windows + i and clicking Recovery.

System Restore can help you restore your PC to a previously known working state using an old restore point. If this fixes the issue you’ll have a good working driver for your Goodix fingerprint sensor once again!

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