Graphics Driver Crashed Valorant for Windows3 min read

Feb 10, 2023 3 min

Graphics Driver Crashed Valorant for Windows3 min read

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Valorant is a competitive first-person shooter developed by Riot Games for Microsoft Windows. It’s one of the best shooter games, but it can also be quite frustrating.

Many players have reported a graphics driver crash error in the game that annoys them. Fortunately, there are some quick fixes that can help you deal with this problem.

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1. Check the Minimum Requirements:

When playing Valorant, if you encounter the error Graphics Driver Crashed, it can be quite frustrating. It can ruin your gaming experience and irritate you even more than usual, so you will want to try out some fixes to resolve the issue quickly.

First, make sure you’re running the game on a system that meets all of the minimum requirements. This will ensure that you won’t be greeted with errors during gameplay.

Next, check your system’s DirectX version and make sure it’s up-to-date. Outdated versions will cause a range of issues, from crashes to keyboard and mouse input failures to sound cutting out altogether.

Moreover, if there are other resource-hungry background applications running on your computer, the game may not get enough resources to run properly. This can be fixed by removing them from the list of active processes.

2. Update Your Graphics Driver:

When games start crashing or flickering, lags and stutters are sure signs that your graphics driver needs an update. This will help your PC run faster and smoother, improving game performance.

However, it is a pain to find which drivers need to be updated and then does it manually. The good news is that there are programs such as Advanced Driver Updater that can do it for you in just a few clicks.

In addition, if you are experiencing issues with your game due to other apps taking up CPU memory, close them and restart Valorant. Also, make sure your operating system is updated.

3. Remove All the Resource-Hungry Background:

If you are facing Graphics Driver Crashed Valorant issue, then you need to remove all the resource-hungry backgrounds from your computer. This step will give your game more access to resources like RAM and GPU so that it runs smoothly.

This can be done by force-closing any unwanted apps or processes that consume a lot of memory and run in the background. Simply open the Windows Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc and close all these unnecessary processes.

It is important to remember that Valorant is a CPU-bound game, meaning it uses more CPU resources than GPU resources. This means that you will need a strong processor and plenty of rams to play this game.

4. Update Your Operating System:

If you’re experiencing a constant graphic card crash in Valorant, it may be due to outdated video card drivers. To fix this, download and update the latest version of your drivers.

You should also make sure your operating system is up-to-date. This includes Windows and DirectX, as well as video card drivers.

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5. Disable Overclocking:

If you have overclocked your system, it may be causing the Valorant crashing issue. However, it is possible that you can fix the problem by disabling overclocking and restoring the system back to its original settings.

Another reason why you may be experiencing this crashing issue could be that your computer’s RAM is running out of memory. You can free up your RAM by closing any resource-hungry programs that are consuming lots of it.

Alternatively, you can also try resetting your graphics card software to its factory defaults. This will ensure that it works properly and prevents the crashing problem.

To do so, open Catalyst Control Center and then click Preferences and click on the Restore Factory Defaults option.

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