HID OMNIKEY 5321 Driver For Windows3 min read

Jul 22, 2023 3 min

HID OMNIKEY 5321 Driver For Windows3 min read

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HID OMNIKEY 5321 Driver is a USB smart card reader that delivers the convenience, speed, and security of contactless technology for PC and network log-on, email encryption, and digital signature.

Smart accessories including an adhesive plate, screw mount, and cardholder extend the usability far beyond standard desktop operation.

It works seamlessly with iCLASS-enabled logical access applications using naviGO, a powerful and intuitive browser-based management application.

Windows plug-and-play driver support enables seamless integration into any end-user environment with minimal effort.

Download HID OMNIKEY 5321 Driver (Here)

Windows® HID OMNIKEY 5321 Driver:

HID OMNIKEY 5321 Driver is an easy-to-install, PC-linked reader for secure printing, desktop log-on, and other logical access applications. It works seamlessly with iCLASS on the Desktop, a comprehensive software solution that simplifies and automates the lifecycle management of strong authentication credentials on iCLASS smart cards.

Featuring a modern, stylish design, the OMNIKEY 5021 CL offers high convenience and security for network logon, email encryption, and digital signature.

It provides full CCID support and supports three contactless card ISO standards, as well as EMVCo CL 2.0-certified payment devices, making it ideal for a wide variety of application environments.

It also enables the utilization of existing low-frequency physical access control cards for logical applications by providing direct PC login using a single device, avoiding costly rebadging.

Its dual interface (contact/contactless) allows you to work with any contact-based smart card and it can be used in either CCID or Key Wedge mode, independent of the operating system.

Mac® HID OMNIKEY 5321 Driver:

This OMNIKEY 5321 reader works with existing low-frequency HID Prox cards and enables the implementation of logical access applications with minimal cost without rebadging.

The dual-interface reader also supports both low and high-frequency technologies within a single device allowing organizations to migrate smoothly between credential technology environments.

The reader is ideal for network logon, email encryption, and digital signature as well as contactless physical access.

It can be easily mounted on a desktop PC with the provided card holder and is ideal for mobile use in a secure environment thanks to its compact size and sturdy housing.

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Designed for ease of use, the OMNIKEY 5021CL reader works with existing low-frequency physical access control cards like HID Prox and allows the implementation of new logical access applications using ID cards.

Featuring dual-interface operation and full CCID support, the reader can be connected to either the USB or keyboard wedge interface – with a choice of smart accessories and mounting options.

OMNIKEY desktop readers are ideal for securing computer and network log-on, email encryption, and digital signature as well as contactless PKI-related applications. They are easy to deploy and operate, with a range of mounting options including adhesive plate and screw mount.

OMNIKEY readers are compatible with all relevant operating systems from Windows to Linux and Mac OS. They are also compliant with industry standards for easy integration into any system.


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