Guides How To Check Samsung Firmware Country Code?

How To Check Samsung Firmware Country Code? Full Guide3 min read

Aug 14, 2021 2 min

How To Check Samsung Firmware Country Code? Full Guide3 min read

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How to check the Samsung firmware country code? is one of the questions that come into the minds of mobile phone users. It may be because of various reasons such as not getting your hands on your favorite gadget when you go out of town or your laptop got lost somewhere in the city. But whatever the reason, there is one thing we can do to have our loved gadgets easily available at our reach. That is by updating the firmware of the said gadget with the latest upgrades offered by Samsung. It is like staying in touch with them just by holding their hand or speaking to them through some small device like a PDA or mobile phone.

Samsung Official Guide:

But how to check the Samsung firmware country code is just one question that we cannot do without answers to. It is for sure that this method is always advised by Samsung itself. But then again, it doesn’t mean that we have to adhere to what they want if we don’t want to. We can make things our own and find ways on how to update the firmware of our gadgets. In this article, I will share with you how to check Samsung firmware country code.


About Update:

In order to have complete control over the firmware of your gadget, you have to download the appropriate software that will help you to update the firmware of your unit. Check for the official website of Samsung but you have to avoid the fake sites that are actually malware-causing programs. You can always download the software from trusted websites, so you won’t infect your gadget with unwanted viruses and spyware.

Once you got the software, download it to your PC and run it. Make sure that your system can accept the installation of the software before it installs it to your PC. For your information, the software comes with a different version. Choose which one you want to download by checking the product page on your Samsung product website or via the download option on your Samsung website.

Instructions to install:

After that, follow the instructions on the software to install it and use it to check your Samsung firmware. It is a complete process, since you need to download, install and use the tool to find the code for your model. You can do it one at a time if you are not that comfortable yet with it or you can choose to install all of them in one shot if you think that you will be able to get the codes of all of your Samsung phones in one go.

As soon as the software finds the corresponding country code, it will tell you the name of the file that corresponds to the corresponding revision number. For instance, if your Samsung model is revision number 3450ba, the software will inform you that the corresponding file is Samsung_Firmware_SNORM. Then, just open the file to install it or to check its contents if you want to. The entire procedure only takes a few minutes so you don’t have to worry much about it.

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