HP Universal Print Driver for Windows4 min read

Feb 3, 2023 3 min

HP Universal Print Driver for Windows4 min read

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HP Universal Print Driver is a single print driver that connects to a wide range of devices. It simplifies the management of your printer fleet and provides users with a familiar printing experience.

* Traditional Mode and Dynamic Mode*

The HP UPD delivers discovery, auto-configuration, and management features that are particularly well-suited for mobile users. It also supports managed printer lists (MPLs) and managed print policies.

Download HP Universal Print Driver (Here)

Familiar printing experience:

Universal Print Driver provides a familiar printing experience across a wide variety of HP printers, reducing the need for training and support.

Users can use Traditional Mode for desktop or Dynamic Mode for on-the-go use and enjoy a simple, easy-to-use interface with real-time job and device information.

In both modes, the HP Universal Print Driver communicates with devices to automatically discover them and configure them with advanced printing capabilities. This enables a single driver to support any supported device and any PDL.

With a single driver, you can streamline management headaches and associated costs that come with multiple print drivers–and give IT managers tools to improve efficiency.

The HP Universal Print Driver supports most laserjet, multifunction printers (MFPs), and other print devices with PCL 5 or emulation PostScript printing capabilities. It also supports most networked and direct-connected HP printers.

The HP Universal Print Driver combines a Microsoft core driver (UNIDRV or PSCRIPT) with HP proprietary extensions to provide discovery, auto-configuration, and management features that enhance mobile printing.

It is available in traditional mode and dynamic mode to meet users’ needs at any time, with no additional software to install.

Versatile support for desktop or on-the-go use:

The HP Universal Print Driver offers versatile support for desktop or on-the-go use, with a consistent interface that matches the operating system and the device.

It also provides real-time job and device information that is useful for fixing problems by yourself without having to ask the help desk.

The driver is compatible with most HP printers, both PCL5 and emulation PostScript, and supports current Windows client and server operating systems. It also includes local language drivers in 35 languages.

With the Universal Print Driver, you can choose a dynamic mode or a traditional mode based on your printing requirements. Dynamic mode communicates directly with the printer to gather status and job information during printing.

This reduces network traffic, which helps to speed up printing. It also enables managed printer lists (MPL) and managed print policies (MPP) to control access to devise capabilities and features.

The HP Universal Print Driver is a powerful tool that will simplify your work and make you more efficient. It offers a number of features, such as a familiar interface, real-time job, and device information, and secure encrypted printing.

Real-time job and device information:

The HP Universal Print Driver enables printers of different ages and models to work together under a standardized system, improving productivity. It also reduces help desk calls and helps improve printer uptime.

Users appreciate the familiar user interface and real-time, graphical device and job information that empowers them to resolve common problems themselves. This means fewer help desk calls and faster problem resolution.

Flexible deployments via a print server or direct IP connection enable IT to control printing queues and print jobs. The solution supports current Windows client and server operating systems (32-bit and 64-bit) as well as Novell and Citrix.

During printing, the HP UPD queries the printer through SNMP and gets commands to gather status and job information.

This minimizes network traffic and keeps the solution simple to deploy. It also includes status notification pop-ups that inform the user of device status, print job status, and toner supply levels.

Secure encrypted printing:

In an environment where people are constantly mobile, a multi-function printer’s networked printing and scanning capabilities can revolutionize workflows.

But these capabilities also increase the chance that sensitive documents will travel across networks – which is why it’s so important to have firm authentication policies backed by solid data encryption in place.

Fortunately, HP offers a comprehensive suite of security features that help protect documents and data as they travel through the printer.

These include a hard disk that uses data encryption to safeguard information stored on it, as well as passwords that are encrypted and stored securely until they’re released by the relevant user.

Similarly, the HP Universal Print Driver is designed to help ensure secure document transport by encrypting both the key and the job before sending them to the printer.

When you’re ready to print, choose a secure option such as PIN printing or Secure Encrypted Printing to ensure that only the correct user can access the printer.

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