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HTC One M9 Firmware 4.30.617.12 Download Free2 min read

Aug 29, 2018 2 min

HTC One M9 Firmware 4.30.617.12 Download Free2 min read

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You are updating the latest firmware on your HTC One M9 by downloading it from here. In this article, we are sharing the updated HTC One M9 firmware version 4.30.617.12. You are using the old version operating system software on your HTC and somewhere it stops working due to some critical issues. In this article, the issue will be solved by downloading and installation of the HTC One M9 firmware.
Download the available firmware file on your Windows OS and then connect your phone to the computer to start updating the software. The free and the best way to upgrade your phone software without having enough difficulties. The simplest method is to download the latest firmware on your phone and to update it without facing problems.
You should know the update process. During this update, your phone will reboot several times due to process. Do not turn off, do not remove the charger, don’t press the keys again as long or any other activity that will make problems during updating the phone firmware. Before the update, must check your device operating system version. If there is a newer version of the software installed, then no need to reinstall it. You must have a WiFi connection to download the updates.
  • The first step, tap on apps widget.
  • Go to settings.
  • Tap on system updates.
  • Now, software update.
  • Tap check now.
  • It will check the software available to update.

Manual Installation:

  • Download the latest HTC One M9 firmware update from below.
  • Connect your device to the PC via using the official USB data cable.
  • To clear the connectivity process. You must have installed the latest HTC sync manager.
  • When your device connected properly.
  • Locate the downloaded firmware on your system.
  • Then launch the system update wizard.
  • Follow the system update wizard instructions.
So, download the latest firmware for your HTC One M9 from the given link location URL below. Thanks for visiting our site to download.
Download (Firmware 4.30.617.12)
Download (Firmware 2.11.510.16)
Download (Sync Manager)

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