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LG Firmware Update (Tool, Guide) Download Free2 min read

Apr 21, 2018 2 min

LG Firmware Update (Tool, Guide) Download Free2 min read

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Many people don’t even know where to find drivers for their phone now a day. So, keep this in mind, LG company made it easy for everyone to update their smartphones with a single tool called “LG Mobile Support Tool”. This tool can be used to update the phone with the newest firmware that LG could have for this phone.
This tool doesn’t support the oldest versions of phones like LG Optimus V ads S because those phones are no longer supported by the LG company and there is nothing present on their servers.
* Important:
The important thing before you checked for the firmware update of your phone, if you’ve changed your phone’s IMEI/MEID/ESN on the phone to another phone that is not the same model, it will say:
1)There are no updates available, even if there are.
2) Download the wrong firmware and possibly give you the soft brick.
You can Download the tool from this link:
Here is how to get drivers:
Step 1: Open the program.
Step 2: Connect your phone using the USB cable.
Step 3: On the computer select Start > Programs > LG mobile support tool to launch the LG mobile support tool.
Step4: Click start updating the LG mobile support tool to begin the software update.
 Note: If this option is not available your phone is still up to date.

Never ever try to unplug your phone when it is updating, and don’t try to use untrustworthy USB cable also don’t use the USB hub/splitter.
If you are on different Operating System than what your phone is supposed to run than your phone starts boot looping (i.e. stock is froyo, custom ROM is gingerbread), you will have to perform a hard reset using the hard key combo.
In this case, refer to your User Manual that is downloaded from the LG mobile support tool. You will lose all info if you did this, but it only applies to phones that have a custom ROM.

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