Mantra Device Driver for Windows3 min read

Mar 8, 2023 3 min

Mantra Device Driver for Windows3 min read

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Mantra Device Driver is software that allows your fingerprint scanner to communicate with your computer.

This driver allows you to use your scanner for various purposes including authentication, biometric verification, and time and attendance management.

Mantra has recently announced that its devices will support the Windows Biometric Framework (WBF). The WBF is a framework that provides compatibility with biometric services and drivers and supports the development of biometric solutions.

Download Mantra Device Driver (Here)

Authentication & Verification:

Mantra MFS100 is a high-quality USB fingerprint scanner that can be used for the authentication and verification of biometric data.

It uses optical sensing technology to efficiently distinguish even poor-quality fingerprints and is STQC certified.

The device features a robust optical sensor that can withstand scratches, impact, and electrostatic shocks without being damaged. The device is also capable of storing images, raw data, and minutiae for fast matching.

Its USB 2.0 high-speed interface supports multi-device handling. The optical fingerprint sensor can scan your fingerprint at up to 2500 dpi and has a scratch-free sensor surface.

Mantra MFS100 is UIDAI-approved for Aadhaar-based API 2.0 authentication and transactions in PAN India. It is also backed by a free lifetime RD service that allows you to use this device for Aadhaar verification and eKYC transactions.

Aadhaar & E-KYC:

As per UIDAI guidelines, biometric devices used for Aadhaar authentication and eKYC transactions must be registered. This ensures that the device does not store any data and is protected from being misused.

Mantra RD (Registered Device) Service converts the public device into an aad-haar-registered device, thus allowing it to use UIDAI Authentication API and E-Kyc API. It is a mandatory step for any application which uses the Mantra MFS100 fingerprint scanner.

This service is available on Google Play Store as a separate app called “Mantra Management Client”. Once the app is installed, you can use it to configure your Mantra MFS100 device to work as a biometric aad-haar authentication server.

The process for installation of this service is easy and straightforward. Just follow the steps below:

Time & Attendance:

Time and attendance systems are software that can help you manage employees’ hours, schedules, vacation and time off (PTO) accruals, and labor reporting. They can also help you save money and improve efficiency by automating the process of tracking time.

They can be cloud-based or on-premises, depending on your needs. Many offer self-service that allows employees to handle their own time-tracking tasks, such as reviewing the hours they’ve worked, their current and future schedules, and PTO accruals.

In addition to the standard options of punch clocks, magnetic swipe cards, and barcodes, biometric timeclocks use fingerprint scanning or facial recognition to track employee time. This prevents buddy punching and eliminates the risk of stolen time.

The costs of these systems vary but most come with a one-time fee that covers the software license and installation. They also have recurring monthly fees that cover support and updates.

Access Control:

Access control is an important part of any security system. It can be logical or physical and it allows access only to an authorized user. It is an efficient and effective way to protect your premises, assets, or facilities.

One of the most important aspects of any access control system is its controllers. They manage the connections between card readers and the software application, and they also need to be able to continue managing their tasks even if they lose network connectivity.

They should also be programmable, so they can support your unique needs. This will ensure the lifecycle value of your controllers is maximized.

The management model that you choose for your access control system should be able to efficiently authorize carriers, rather than identifiers (cards).

This enables you to use a range of identification and verification methods in an efficient and effective way, based on the authorized carrier’s single set of authorizations.

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