Nokia PC Suite3 min read

Sep 30, 2022 3 min

Nokia PC Suite3 min read

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Nokia PC Suite:

The Nokia PC Suite is a software package that allows users to connect their Nokia mobile phones to computers running Microsoft Windows.

It was first released in 1997 and was previously known as the Nokia Data Suite. Later it was renamed Nokia Suite and is now integrated into the Ovi service suite. For more information, read on.

Download Nokia PC Suite (Here)

File Manager Nokia PC Suite:

Using the Nokia PC Suite File Manager is easy and convenient, and it has several useful features. The software allows you to transfer files to and from your mobile device with ease and prompts you to convert files to the right format before transferring them. The program also has options for editing and backing up media files.

The Nokia PC Suite also includes a file manager and an application store for downloading music, pictures, and videos. The software can be downloaded for free. It is available from the official Nokia website. Once you download the software, follow the steps to install it.

Application Installer:

The Nokia PC Suite is software that connects your Nokia mobile phone to your PC. It gives you access to all of the features of your phone, including data backup and synchronization. It also allows you to send and receive SMS messages.

Other features of the Nokia PC Suite include file management and transferring multimedia files. Once you install the software, it does not take up much space on your PC.

The main interface of the Application Installer for Nokia PC Suite is clean and simple with large, beautiful icons.

This program also duplicates the ‘File’ menu item, which lets you access the various features of the program. Other features include an index of all your messages, a calendar, and an events calendar.

Nokia Communication Centre:

Nokia PC Suites contains the Nokia Communication Centre, which is useful for managing and editing your phone’s contacts, calendar, and email accounts.

It also supports the transfer of files from your phone to your PC and downloads maps from the internet. Moreover, you can even create and delete contacts with the help of this suite.

Nokia PC Suite is compatible with Windows operating system and offers numerous features to help you manage and update Nokia phones.

One such feature is Nokia Communication Centre, which lists your phone’s contacts and saves them as vCard files. Besides that, Nokia PC Suites also provides a tool to back up your phone’s data.

Sync data:

Nokia PC Suite is a discontinued software package that establishes an interface between Nokia’s mobile devices and computers running Microsoft Windows. It was first released in 1997.

Alos, It was also known as Nokia Data Suite. It was eventually replaced by Nokia Suite and later integrated into the Ovi service suite. It was designed to help users manage their Nokia mobile devices.

The Nokia PC Suite is compatible with almost any Symbian-powered cell phone. It lets you back up your phone data, transfer music files, and more.

Once you have transferred your music files, you can access them from your PC and immediately integrate them into your phone’s music player. Additionally, Nokia PC Suite enables you to install and uninstall programs, without risking security breaches.

Download software Nokia PC Suite:

If you’re using Microsoft Windows you can use the free Nokia PC Suites to manage your phone’s content. This program allows you to transfer and edit your mobile’s content and create a backup of it.

It also lets you connect your Nokia phone to the Internet and establish a network. Other features include a File Manager and Application Installer.

The Nokia PC Suites is a useful application for managing your Nokia mobile phone. You can view, edit, and back up your phone files, send and receive texts, and more.

The program is easy to install and can work on almost any operating system. It also does not consume much space on your PC.

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