PreSonus AudioBox iTwo Driver4 min read

Nov 13, 2022 3 min

PreSonus AudioBox iTwo Driver4 min read

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PreSonus AudioBox iTWO Driver Review:

The PreSonus AudioBox iTWO Driver audio interface and system driver are compatible with Apple Silicon-based Mac computers, iOS devices, and StudioLive mixers.

Its high-quality converters ensure optimal sound quality. Its easy-to-use user interface makes it perfect for recording and mixing music.

Download PreSonus AudioBox iTwo Driver (Here)

Compatible with Apple Silicon-based Mac computers:

If you’re shopping for a new Mac computer, you’ll need to make sure it’s compatible with Apple Silicon-based chips. Apple has been transitioning away from Intel chips and using its own proprietary silicon for its Mac computers.

These chips are similar to the A-series chips found in iPhones. The first Silicon-based Macs were released in November 2020, and a second generation was released in early 2021. You can find these chips in the MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro, Mac mini, and iMac lineups.

Apple is transitioning from Intel x86-64 processors to custom ARM-based processors. These chips are called ‘Apple silicon’ and are used in the latest MacBook models and iMacs.

The new versions of these Mac computers come with Rosetta 2, which allows many applications compiled for x86-64 CPUs to run on Apple silicon.

However, there are a number of issues that you need to know about to make sure your new Mac works with your existing software.

The first Apple silicon-based chip was the Apple M1. This chip is now used in the MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro, and the new iMac.

Apple has also used this chip in its iPads and iPhones. As a result, compatible iOS applications run natively on the M1 Mac.

Compatible with iOS devices:

If you’re a professional musician who wants to record on your iOS device, the AudioBox iTwo is the perfect option. This compact USB interface fits into the pocket of a laptop or backpack, and it’s compatible with standard iOS power accessories.

Its chassis is made of metal like a small tank, and it weighs just over a pound. It’s ready to capture the inspiration of your creative spirit. To get your hands on one, visit your local PreSonus dealer.

The AudioBox iTwo comes with a free recording app called Capture Duo for iPad. It allows you to capture your musical ideas before they fade away.

Recordings made with this app can then be wirelessly transferred to your computer’s Studio One Artist session.

The AudioBox iTwo is compatible with iOS devices and Mac computers. It is USB class-compliant, which means it doesn’t require special drivers or applications.

Because it works with iOS devices, it is a great tool for producing music on the go, whether it’s podcasts, folk rock, trap, or any other genre you’re interested in.

Compatible with StudioLive mixers:

The latest generation of StudioLive mixers from PreSonus continues the dual-purpose trend from previous models.

The mixers are equally at home in the studio, on the front line, or as a portable recorders during live shows. They offer a wide variety of options, including remote control and USB connectivity.

The StudioLive Series III rack mixers offer a wide range of features. They have remote-controlled XMAX preamps and a powerful, rack-mount design.

These mixers also feature a wealth of audio processing tools, including vintage EQ and compression. They also feature a comprehensive studio workflow and the ability to create custom presets.

The StudioLive 16R Series III rack mixer is the perfect companion for a StudioLive Series III console/recorder. The 16R can serve as a standalone stage box, a monitor mixer, or a networked monitor mixer.

The 16R connects to a Series III front-of-house console via a lightweight CAT5e or CAT6 Ethernet cable, removing the need for a heavy copper snake. Additionally, the 16R mixer can be controlled remotely by the Series III networked console.

Featuring high-quality converters:

If you’re looking to improve the sound quality of your music system, consider a high-quality stand-alone D-A converter.

A good converter can reveal subtle background effects and previously unheard details. These improvements are audible, and they can make your system sound much better than it ever has.

Some of these converters support up to 16 audio channels. They also include built-in proc amp controls and an integrated LCD screen.

Other features of a good converter include real-time optical quality scaling and sub-pixel processing. Moreover, the quality of your final output is enhanced with advanced patented algorithms.

This helps ensure that you get the best quality conversions with no “jaggies.” Whether you’re looking for up-down, down-conversion, or a combination of both, these converters are a great choice.

Another important element of an audio chain is the loudspeaker. While a good converter can produce a better sound, your loudspeaker’s performance is even more important.

The difference between two different loudspeakers is much greater than the difference between two converters. Similarly, the headphones you use for monitoring are also very important for exposing tiny details in the mix.

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