Prolific USB to Serial Driver4 min read

Nov 13, 2022 3 min

Prolific USB to Serial Driver4 min read

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How to Install, Update, Or Downgrade the Prolific USB to Serial Driver:

The Prolific USB to Serial Driver is a great choice for users who want to connect their computers to serial devices.

This adapter is compatible with the latest operating systems and is built with advanced port options. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to install and uninstall, update, or downgrade.

Download Prolific USB to Serial Driver (Here)

Install Prolific USB to Serial Driver:

Also, If you are experiencing problems with your Prolific USB to Serial Driver, you may need to install it from a CD or download the latest driver software.

While updating drivers can solve many system problems, it can also cause problems with the hardware itself.

The driver you download might not be compatible with your hardware, so you will need to download the latest version of it.

First, you should go to the official website of Prolific. The driver can be downloaded in ZIP format. To extract the zip file, right-click on it and select “Extract all files.”

Next, browse to the folder where you extracted the zip file and locate the Prolific device. Double-click on the file and follow the instructions on-screen to install the Prolific USB to Serial Driver.

Uninstall Prolific USB to Serial Driver:

If you’re having trouble uninstalling Prolific USB to Serial Driver, you’re not alone. This problem is very common and is often caused by an outdated, corrupt or missing driver.

Fortunately, it’s fairly easy to fix this problem. The key is to make sure that you are using the latest driver for your computer, and only use a driver that’s compatible with your PC.

To uninstall the driver, you need to locate the file for the device. You can do this through the device manager in the Start menu. To do so, select Device Manager, then go to the Ports (COM & LPT) category.

In the list of devices, look for the Prolific USB to Serial Comm Port. Click on Update Driver and Windows will copy the driver file into the Driver Store.

Update Prolific USB to Serial Driver:

Also, If you are having problems with your Prolific USB to Serial Adapter, you can update its drivers. This driver can be found in Windows/System32/Drivers.

You can also check its status in the Device Manager. To find the latest driver, click the “Update Driver” option, and then follow the on-screen instructions to follow the process.

The Prolific USB to the serial drivers is available for Windows 10, 11, 8, 7, and Vista. You must regularly update your driver to make sure it is working properly.

Older drivers can cause a lot of problems, including issues with your USB cable. Keeping it up-to-date will ensure that it is working properly with all of your USB devices. In addition, the latest driver will help your computer communicate with USB devices more efficiently.

When your computer needs a Prolific USB to Serial drivers, you can install it through your Windows device manager. You can find the driver under the Ports (COM & LPT) category.


Also, If you have an older version of the Prolific USB to Serial Driver, you might want to downgrade it. The latest version is 3.2.0. The driver is designed to work with Windows 10 and Vista. It supports PID_2303 and VID_067B.

In order to downgrade this driver, you’ll need to download 7-Zip and enter the company’s name. Note that you may have to change the language settings for your computer to install the new driver.

First, go to the device manager. This is located in the Start menu. Go to Control Panel > Device Manager. From here, you can find the USB to Serial adapter. Then, choose Ports (COM and LPT) from the list. To install the new driver, follow the onscreen instructions.


Also, If your computer is experiencing Prolific USB to Serial Driver issues, you should first look for the drivers in the device manager.

This is the location where Windows searches for new drivers and updates. Ensure that your USB to Serial adapter is listed under the appropriate COM port. If it isn’t, you may need to install the latest driver.

If you are using a Windows operating system, you may encounter the error “This Device Cannot Start”. This issue is caused by a missing or outdated driver. Open the device manager and look for the “ports” category. You should find an orange or yellow triangle.

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