Xerox Universal Print Driver for Windows4 min read

Mar 6, 2023 3 min

Xerox Universal Print Driver for Windows4 min read

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The Xerox Universal Print Driver keeps more printers, documents, and information connected and protected with an easy-to-use driver. It provides a consistent user experience and helps IT managers qualify, deploy and manage all network devices.

Also, It uses a common user interface to show the most-used features on the first tab, so users can find and select printer options quickly. It also updates feature options automatically, without requalification or reinstallation.

Download Xerox Universal Print Driver (Here)

Easy to install the Xerox Universal Print Driver:

Xerox Universal Print Driver is easy to install and manage. It reduces training and installation costs, saving your IT team time and money.

Designed for Windows, it works with a broad range of Xerox printers and multifunction devices. It’s forward-compatible, so you don’t need to upgrade it when you add new devices to your network.

The driver’s user interface shows the most-used features on the first tab, so users can select and configure their printers quickly.

It automatically discovers and updates users’ feature options. This greatly simplifies replacing or updating network printers, as all you need to do is plug in the new device and give it the same IP address (or redirect the port) as the old one.

The Xerox Universal Print Driver also supports a range of environmental policies. It can be configured to include duplex and multi-page printing, toner darkness, and other resource-saving measures.

Easy to manage:

Also, The Xerox Universal Print Driver V4 helps simplify device management for IT managers and end-users. It lets IT qualify, deploy and manage all printers on the network with a single driver.

IT managers can pre-configure default settings for Xerox and non-Xerox devices. They can also set printing policies for duplexes, color access, and other resource-saving features.

Users appreciate the familiar look and feel of a unified driver that offers an easy-to-use interface no matter which printer they choose to use. This user experience can save time and money by eliminating the need for onsite support and training.

Sophia works in XYZ Corporation’s IT department and needs to print documents that have sensitive data on them. To ensure security, she prints these files using PIN printing or secures encrypted printing.

It uses the Driver Configuration Utility to pre-configure driver settings and the UPD Active Directory Template to set print policies. Both tools help XYZ eliminate print servers and streamline printer deployments by using a single global find-me print queue and secure release at any printer.

Easy to maintain the Xerox Universal Print Driver:

The Xerox Universal Print Driver is one of the easiest-to-maintain printer drivers on the market. It is very simple to upgrade and has a streamlined interface that is ideal for IT staff or network administrators.

It is a true universal driver that supports all types of printing devices. This includes Xerox machines and printers from other manufacturers.

Traditionally, printer drivers were developed by hardware vendors and are device-specific. This means they may not be compatible with other printers from different manufacturers or that they won’t communicate with each other when a print job is sent to them.

With the Xerox Universal Print Driver, you can be confident that every device on your network will work with it and that it will continue to support all of its features and functions. This also makes it a great choice for VDI environments.

Easy to deploy:

The Xerox Universal Print Driver is easy to deploy and configure. This driver supports a wide range of devices and can be deployed on Windows Server, Mac, and Linux.

Xerox Workplace Cloud and the Universal Print Driver offer advanced print management capabilities, including full printer usage tracking, feature-packed print release, and cloud connectivity. It also delivers advanced security benefits and enables mobile printing.

Installation on Terminal or Citrix Server:

Also, When a client logs in to a Citrix server, the Xerox Global Print Driver (X-GPD) replaces the native drivers of Windows. This makes Windows printers available to a Citrix session and allows clients to print.

If a Citrix server does not have the appropriate drivers, printing fails with no advance notification and no ability to utilize advanced driver features.

Therefore, X-GPD must be installed on each member of a Citrix server cluster before client computers that use local printers based on the drivers of Windows login.

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