ApeosPort C3070 Driver For Windows4 min read

Jul 16, 2023 3 min

ApeosPort C3070 Driver For Windows4 min read

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The new ApeosPort devices accelerate your business evolution, removing technological barriers and adding flexibility to work environments.

They come equipped with a robust pack of high-quality features from top security certifications to predictive maintenance and automated workflows.

Documents transmitted as faxes are recorded in an image log, enabling prompt investigation should confidential information leak.

The device also supports encrypted communication based on S/MIME to prevent unauthorized access from outside the organization.

Download ApeosPort C3070 Driver (Here)

Scan to Email ApeosPort C3070 Driver:

Scan to Email is a feature on Xerox ConnectKey, AltaLink, and VersaLink multifunction printers that can send documents directly to an email account.

This feature can be very helpful to businesses that need to share information quickly and easily. However, setting up and using this feature requires quite a few pieces of information that must be entered across several screens of the device’s web interface.

This process is lengthy, tedious, and can be frustrating. Just*Tech has created an app called Email Connect that simplifies the setup and use of Scan to Email on Xerox devices.

The new ApeosPort series accelerates business evolution by removing technological barriers to add more flexibility to workflows.

They support document workflows over cloud services and internal processes and help prevent information leaks through comprehensive security measures.

The top security certifications, predictive maintenance, and the ability to monitor and record job logs enable you to enhance security.

The image log function enables you to store and manage job images and their metadata (user, usage time, number of copies) in addition to job status and error conditions.

Scan to SMB:

The ApeosPort series delivers a more connected work experience by removing technological barriers to enable seamless integration with existing document workflows over cloud services and internal processes. The multifunction devices also support advanced security features to help ensure business continuity and data privacy.

The multifunction devices support the Authentication of users with Microsoft Azure Active Directory, a popular cloud-based identity management service that simplifies the user authentication process.

With this feature, only the specified users can use the printers and scanners by simply entering their credentials on the operation screens displayed after authentication.

Smart Work Gateway supports secure printing using S/MIME, a standard for encrypted communication over email and internet fax, to prevent confidential documents from falling into the wrong hands.

In addition, the device can automatically store a document image log when sending an e-mail or Internet fax, which reduces information leakage by allowing a potential backup plan to be set up for each scanned document.

Scan to Cloud ApeosPort C3070 Driver:

In rare circumstances and certain environments using the PaperCut Integrated Scanning feature, uploads to cloud storage can fail due to library updates. The 19.1 release fixes this issue and scans to cloud storage should be more reliable.

Comprehensive security measures help prevent information leaks and unauthorized access. Enhanced security features include data-centric security and Document Rights Management, which control access to and distribution of documents.

Device logs and image logs provide visibility into device activity, enabling prompt investigation should confidential information leak.

The ApeosPort C3070 Driver allows you to register up to 30 frequently used settings as favorites and recall them with a single touch.

The operation screen displayed after authentication can be customized to match your work style, resulting in easier and more intuitive operations. Destinations for sending faxes and saving scanned data can also be easily specified on the UI panel.

Scan to USB:

With top security certifications and support for document workflows over cloud services, ApeosPort devices accelerate business evolution by removing technological barriers. Their versatile feature set also helps prevent information leaks and other threats.

Smart Work Gateway provides data-centric security and document rights management, ensuring the highest level of protection against unauthorized distribution.

This helps reduce the risk of confidential information leaks and facilitates rapid response to such incidents when they occur.

By importing device certificates and using digital signatures and encrypted communication based on S/MIME, e-mails, and Internet fax documents can be protected against modifications and falsification.

Furthermore, the image log function enables job logs to be automatically saved and managed, enabling prompt investigation should a confidential document be leaked.

By connecting your multifunctional printer to a PC via USB, you can easily store scanned documents and images on a computer. To do this, you must enable Scan to USB at the control panel of the multifunctional device.

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