GeForce RTX Driver3 min read

Sep 20, 2022 3 min

GeForce RTX Driver3 min read

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What’s New in the GeForce RTX Driver?

If you’re looking to play games on your new real-time raytracing GPU, you need to download and install the GeForce RTX Driver.

These drivers are required for games with the new technology, such as Minecraft, which is currently entering Open Beta. This game was developed by Microsoft, NVIDIA, and Mojang.

Download GeForce RTX Driver (Here)

NVIDIA(r) DOCATM GeForce RTX Driver:

The NVIDIA(r) DOCATM drivers enable developers to take advantage of the power of NVIDIA’s newest GPU technology.

NVIDIA has analyzed thousands of PC hardware configurations to determine the right balance between image quality and performance. The driver will then configure graphics settings specifically for your PC hardware.

The NVIDIA(r) DOCATM game-ready driver provides a rich gaming experience with the lowest latency and responsiveness.

It has been fine-tuned in collaboration with game developers and rigorously tested across thousands of hardware configurations.

It also enables gamers to make better use of the latest technologies from NVIDIA, such as NVIDIA Freestyle, which allows you to apply post-processing filters to games. This feature is fully integrated into the driver to ensure seamless compatibility with supported games.

NVIDIA(r) Reflex:

Also, NVIDIA Reflex is a feature that can improve performance in competitive multiplayer games. This technology reduces system latency, which is the time between a player’s actions and the output of the keyboard and mouse.

This can improve reaction time and reduce the peeker’s advantage in games. However, it is important to note that this feature is not compatible with all GPUs.

GeForce RTX is designed to deliver the best performance possible. The updated driver offers many improvements, including support for DLSS and NVIDIA Reflex.

DLSS technology improves graphics performance and reduces system latency, while NVIDIA Reflex improves the game’s game experience.

NVIDIA Tensor Cores:

NVIDIA Tensor Cores are a new feature in the GeForce RTX Driver. These cores are more powerful than traditional CUDA cores and are capable of much faster computation.

They can perform multiple operations in a single clock cycle. As such, tensor cores can be useful for advanced computer vision and machine learning applications.

The latest generation of Tensor Cores enables mixed-precision computing, which dynamically adjusts calculations for higher throughput while preserving accuracy.

This means that the latest generation of Tensor Cores can perform much faster than previous generations of GPUs, even on more demanding workloads.


The NVIDIA DLSS driver for GeForce RTX delivers better image quality and reduces flickering and popping artifacts. It uses advanced temporal feedback techniques to improve detail and stability.

It’s available in a variety of games, from blockbusters to indie favorites. New games are being released all the time with DLSS support.

GeForce RTX gamers should download the NVIDIA DLSS driver for GeForce RTX for better performance. This update comes with numerous game optimizations, including support for more recent and upcoming titles. The game’s performance is expected to improve up to 2x thanks to the new NVIDIA DLSS technology.

NVIDIA Reflex optimizations for Metro Exodus – The Two Colonels:

NVIDIA Reflex optimizations for Metro exodus – The Two Colonels will give players a smoother and faster gameplay experience.

Also, The game also uses ray-traced lighting, emissive lighting, and improved reflections. Both of these enhancements will be added to the game’s base and Enhanced Editions.

The game’s AI system will be more responsive, as will the graphics settings. The AI will also learn from player actions and feedback, which will result in more responsive controls and a more accurate, fast-paced game. The AI will also be improved to provide better performance in challenging situations.

Stay in the Light:

The latest GeForce RTX Driver brings a new feature for gamers: automatic overclocking. This feature allows gamers to choose the best overclocking settings based on their game settings.

The automatic tuner will identify the best overclocking settings and automatically manage the GPU tuning profile.

The update also supports new features like Deep Learning Super-Sampling (DLSS). Moreover, it improves the overall gaming experience and fixes issues such as video capture, game freezing, and In-Game overlays.

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